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Re: wine and fonts

On 2001.12.09 23:32 Sergio E. Schvezov wrote:
* Karsten M. Self (kmself@ix.netcom.com) wrote:

> You may want to install a set of MSFT fonts on the box.  WINE may also
> work better if you've got an installation of legacy MS Windows for it
> leach off of.
I have already got those fonts installed.
Q: is there any way to install windows without actually going through
it's process of installation?
Or, does anyone know if i can run wine with windows files just copied
to the wine fake_windows dir ( I'm not in the mood for a windows install,

I suspect you CAN copy DLL's to the fake_windows/Windows/System directory because I have done that and it worked. What I am waiting for is the release of Lindows (http://www.lindows.com), since WINE just isn't cutting it. The pre-release version is due before the end of this month and will cost $99. Version 1 is expected before the end of the first quarter, 2002. It seems that several commercial products have come out of the WINE project, including a set of libraries that allows QuickTime for Windows to run on Linux.


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