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Re: tape drive problem

on Wed, Dec 05, 2001 at 01:56:48PM -0800, Richard Weil (rcweil@yahoo.com) wrote:
> Hi --
> I can't access use my tape drive with the tar or mt programs and could
> use some help.
> I'm running a 2.4.12 kernel and using a SCSI Seagate DDS3 tape drive.
> The drive appears to be recognized fine on bootup (by looking at
> dmesg) and the relevant modules are loaded -- st and scsi_mod. The
> power is on and there's a tape in the drive.

Nice unit.

Output (as previously suggested) of:

   $ mt status /dev/nst0
   $ lsmod

> When I type any mt command, using either /dev/st0 or /dev/nst0, I get
> a notice of an input/output error and, sometimes, "mt: The device is
> offline (not powered on, no tape ?)." Likewise, with tar, any attempt
> to write to either /dev/st0 or /dev/nst0 craps out.

Have you had the tape on the system for a while?  Did it work before?
Have you cleaned the unit?

"Craps out" isn't sufficient.  Quote the error messages.  Look them up
on Google before posting back to list.

> Any suggestions? I've never used a tape drive before so I have no
> clue. 

...so...the tape is a recent addition.  Is it new or did you get it
used?  Was it installed on the system or did you just add it?

Is your SCSI properly terminated (or not, depending).


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