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Re: Newbie comments & queries

on Wed, Dec 05, 2001 at 11:13:33PM +0200, Ian Balchin (fables@imaginet.co.za) wrote:
> Hello, all,
> I am, after all, still alive.
> I plonked an old internal 14400 modem in and had it working in no time 
> flat. wvdialconf went fine. My wvdial.conf is now like the one that 
> Brenda showed me, and I added in the line about the new PPPD having found 
> from man wvdial that the version was such that this was needed.
> Could it be that the ttyS1 wa s defective like the PS2 port? I got some 
> light on the modem to change, but not an OK back in sight.  Funnily, I 
> installed an old card with a serial port on, and could not get that to go 
> either.

A friend (Galloway, you listening?) reported repeated problems with some
component of his system, I finally suggested it might be a bus issue --
he'd isolated every component on either side without resolving the
issue.  You're in a somewhat similar situation -- your modem worked,
IIRC, on another system, but you're having problems getting anything to
talk to it.  Could just be your Mobo's a little too old.  Or not.  I'm
not much for debugging serial hardware.

> Could it be that this a winmodem. The site listed in the Modem HOWTO

External modems are by definition not Winmodems.

> I wrote an email to Brenda in mutt, but this would not send it.  Then I 
> ran eximconfig but this did not improve matters.
> Do I have to have sendmail as well?

No.  Exim plays the role of Sendmail.  Rather better than Sendmail, for
your circumstances.

More data on how you've configured exim, and checking the exim logs: 


...for suspicious messages.

> I guess I will have to get into that  Bible just now.

In many cases the manpage will do you well.

> The cat has progressed to the top of the refrigerator.  It is eating
> well and has eschewed the boxed catnuts supplied with it in favour of
> tinned sardines in tomato sauce which has enabled it to hiss more
> strongly. 

Cats and fish seem to have a strong attraction thing going.  See if you
can't coax her to take food from your hands.  I suspect she'll adapt
quickly.  Try feeding her a bit less rather than more -- they seem to be
more affectionate (or at least attentive) when they're hungry.

> I found some backups of some of the lost files and have dried my
> tears.

Good news.  Keep those backups current.


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