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Newbie comments & queries


I received this email below.

Cannot find any Microcom modems on this page.  I tracked down the 
source of supply of this modem (my ISP in fact) and they are 
certain that it is a regular modem. Being external they are 
probably right.  Am calling on the ISP on my way home to collect a 
microcom book.

More later.

I must get to update the documentation as everything that I have 
is out of date.  Wonder if the Modem-HOWTO author is aware of 


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Date sent:      	Thu, 06 Dec 2001 08:42:20 -0600
From:           	Rob Clark <gromitkc@idir.net>
Subject:        	Linux winmodem page
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I noticed your posts on Google/DejaNews.  My ISP sold the o2.net
domain in June.  The new address is

Rob Clark
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