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OT: supressing line noise

I'm looking for some help with getting a clean 120v supply to my
computer. I'm on the same circuit as my washer/dryer (and no, changing
location is not an option). When either electrical motor is running, my
monitor flickers: noticably on 1024x768 at 85hz vert refresh, and very
annoyingly at 1152x864 at 75hz, which is what I want to use. Twenty
years ago I actually worked in the electrical field; I remember a bit,
misremember a lot, but what I do remember is that this is bad for
electronic components as well as my eyes and I need a line filter :)

I've looked around the internet, and think a brickyard model 2r15
http://www.brickwall.com/html_nav.asp?ObjectID=656 is the kind of thing
I'm looking for. I'm hoping for two kinds of responses: first, that I'm
going down the right path (and if not, pointers to the right one); and
second, a pointer to something that works well for less than $150.


first impressions are bunk (unknown)

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