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Re: Norton Ghost?

> You know, I wonder if it's a problem with the lilo 'graphical' menu. I
> have not tried using the plain ol' LILO: prompt. 

No such luck. 

So let's recap the Lilo errors I've had with this dual boot ghost thing:

1. lilo.conf default=windows, first image=linux-2.4.16:
LI 40 40 40 40 40 40 <endless>

2. lilo.conf default=windows, first image=windows:
LILO: Descriptor Checksum Error

3. lilo.conf default=windows, first image=windows, set to plain prompt:
LI <stall>

I am going to try moving linux to be the default and the first image. I
wonder what error I'll get then. Heck at least I can document them!


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