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Re: xterm background color

On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, Romuald DELAVERGNE wrote:

> Le 2001.12.04 22:37, Titus Barik a écrit :
> Create or append in your '~/.Xresources' file these lines:
> XTerm*background: black
> XTerm*foreground: wheat

Yeah, something like that will change my colors but what I don't
understand is why, without a .Xresources, xterm (Unicode) has a black
background, yet normal Xterm has a white background. This is while in
WMaker, selecting the Xterm and Xterm (Unicode) from the pull-down menu.

I'm just trying to figure out where its getting these colors from.

Titus Barik (barik@techspot.com)
AIM: TBarik  ICQ: 1604453

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