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Re: kpackage

it all sounds good. thanks for the response.

On Sunday 02 December 2001 10:27 pm, Donald R. Spoon wrote:
> ben <benfoley@rcn.com> wrote:
> > are there any pitfalls to using kpackage, in kde, for apt-gets? the user
> > interface is real easy, making me suspicious, considering the subtle
> > complexities of apt-get from the command line.
> I have been using kpackage here since the days of KDE version 2.1 on
> Potato.  I currently use it on my pinned testing/unstable system with
> KDE version 2.2.2.  During all this time, I have never had it mess up my
> system doing the "apt-gets".  It works fine for routine updates and
> upgrades.
> Like any other GUI, it is limited in what it does compared to the
> command-line "apt-get" commands, so you cannot get away from the command
> line completely.  This is especially true when working with
> testing/unstable, where you occasionally have to intervene to get the
> packages installed.  In all of these cases I have encountered, it just
> refuses to do anything.
> I find it most useful for browsing the list of "available" and
> "installed" packages and easily fine-tuning my system.  The GUI seems to
> add another visual demention that I like for these purposes, plus it
> gives the package descriptions & depend/recommend info automatically so
> you can get a little info about a package before you commit.  Doing this
> at the command line is somewhat cumbersome for me.  I also use it mainly
> for single-package installs...I haven't really tried the equivalent of
> "apt-get upgrade" too many times here, so I can't comment on how well
> the upgrade function works on 20-30 new packages.
> There are other programs which do similar things...appitude, etc.  If
> you are familiar with the "Corel Update" package in Corel Linux,
> Kpackage is the closest thing I have seen to it so-far.  The only thing
> Kpackage doesn't do is allow editing of the /etc/apt/sources.list file
> that Corel Update would do.
> I really haven't checked out the KISS, RPM, TGZ, or BSD install side of
> it yet.  I have only worked with DEBs.  Dunno how well that function
> works.
> I like it and find it useful here as an adjunct to the command-line.
> Cheers,
> -Don Spoon-

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