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Re: timezones and time setting

On Sun, 2 Dec 2001, Michael Jager wrote:

> claiming to be David Purton, <dcpurton@chariot.net.au> said:
> > FWIW, my bios clock is set to localtime (as occasionally I do boot to
> > windows), my timezome is set (using tzconfig) to australia/adelaide,
> > which is normally GMT -9:30, except at the moment we are on daylight
> > saving time, so I guess it's supposed to be GMT -10:30...
> GMT -9:30? Don't you mean +9:30? =]

eermm, yes almost definetly +

But, with very few exceptions, it is the composers of
the tunes, not the writers of the words, which have
made our English hymns famous.  The average Englishman
will happily sing any words to a good tune.

                                        Reginald Frary
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David Purton


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