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Re: digital photo editing in linux---what do i need?

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On Saturday 01 December 2001 02:55 pm, mikepolniak wrote:
> What do i need to edit the photos, etc. I see that the Gimp will do it and
> it has Gimp-print , which sounds like what i need to print  photos to my
> Epson.

Correct, although a properly configured printer system of any kind (lp, 
lprng, cupsys) should be able to handle most image types already.

> Maybe using the Gimp is more than a newbie to photo editing needs. And if i
> just want to view the pix, is there some simple program for viewing and
> cataloging?

Agreed, Gimp is a wonderful tool, but definitely overkill if you just want to 
view them.

If you're a console guy (and have framebuffer set up), fbi is a cool program 
to just view a picture without having to start X.

kview, or konqueror if you run KDE.  xv is simple and nice (though I haven't 
seen it in unstable lately.)  And gqview is awesome if you have a large 
collection of images you want to view/organize.  (It even manages collections 
and supports finding of duplicate images!)

> Any programs easier or better to use for a newbie. What are people using?
> TIA.

I'm sure there are many more, but the above are what I use regularly.  Anyone 
else with suggestions?
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