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Organize bookmarks automatically


Constantly switching between mozilla, konqueror, galeon I've found myself in 
bookmark-hell. When searching for a remedy I tried out bk2site. It'll take 
just about any format bookmarkfile, and turn it into a tree of html pages and 
make it searchable with a cgi script. Not to bad at all. But I'm looking for 
something that goes just a little bit further. 

The program should lookup the category of every url in dmoz.org or 
directory.google.com, and put the bookmark into that category of a new 
bookmark file. 

If the url is not found in dmoz the program should try and make an assessment 
of what category it should belong to, based on word frequencies or numerology 
or whatever works.

If this program existed I would probably have found it already. But maybe 
this inquiry can inspire someone to write it :)


Long life is in store for you.

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