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xine with dxr3 support

I'm trying to build xine with creative dxr3 support on unstable.

I've downloaded dxr3 debianized source and built them. During the package 
installation routine, and got an error of no /etc/em8300.conf found.

I've 'touch'ed that file and proceeded with the install. The install seems OK 
and the modules load just fine.

When trying to run xine with -V dxr3 i get an error of no such plugin.

I've done apt-get --build source xine-lib (checked that em8300.h is in 
/usr/src/linux/include/linux as the docs say) and installed the packages, but 
that didn't help.

Do you have any ideas or location of unofficial debian packages of xine with 
dxr3 support ?

Meir Kriheli

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