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Re: dhcp-client

* Sridhar M.A. (mas@uomphysics.net) wrote:
> Hi,
> Till recently I was using potato. I had installed the package dhcpcd 
> to enable my cable internet connection. After apt-get upgrade to
> testing, I was surprised to see that the dhcpcd package was not
> upgraded, but removed. Downloaded and installed dhcp-client, but the
> location and configuration for it are different. I could not succeed in
> getting the interface eth0 come up automatically. My
> /etc/network/interfaces has this line:
>     auto lo eth0
>     iface eth0 inet dhcp
> Can somebody give me some pointers to set it up? For the time being,
> I have installed the potato version of dhcpcd (no entry in
> /etc/network/interfaces). 

Hi Sridhar,

I've got that running by tweaking my kernel.  It required a number of
options to be enabled, that I didn't use by default.  Which kernel?
I can send you my .config off-list if you like.

Mike Pfleger
(250) 479-0321

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