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Still having mail problems [New Thread] - logs, etc.


I absorbed and applied the following advice given by respondents to the
previous thread:

1.  Checked to make sure that referenced directories existed and had proper
permissions [YES]
2.  Simplified my recipe as follows:
3.  Stopped 'getmail' and invoked 'fetchmail / procmail' for 1.5 hrs earlier
this morning.

The result was that fetchmail rejected ~all~ mail not addressed to myself
and dumped them in the syslog.

I'm mailed the syslog on a regular basis, so I was able to see that in fact
~all~ email addressed to 'debian-user@lists.debian.org' or
'linux@yahoogroups.com' was ~bounced~ back to me via the syslog (as I have
'no bounce mail' in my fetchmailrc).

These leads me to believe that ~fetchmail~ is attempting to sort (read
justify the validity) of received mail ~before~ sending it off to procmail
for processing. Isn't processing/rating/judgement/filtering the express
purpose of procmail and ~not~ fetchmail?

The logs don't even show that the simple rule above was even applied!

I'd appreciate it greatly if someone matching (or closely matching) the
following conditions would post a sanitized versions of their relevent
config files:

1.  Mail is collected at your ISP. You currently use fetchmail to retrieve
it and have it stored locally.
2.  You are using exim as an MTA (I could never get sendmail to configure
3.  Procmail pre-sorts your email for you
4.  You use mutt to view the pre-sorted email

I know this is a huge request, but I've reconfigured these programs from the
'conf' programs 7 or 8 times in the past 48 hours and am getting tired of
trying to get this right.

My reasons for wanting this arrangment for mail are in a separate posting.

Thank you for any assistance,

C. Masters

- who ~had~ a full head of hair until trying to figure out mail
filtering *g*

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