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Re: Apache and php segfaulting

On Tue, Nov 27, 2001 at 10:20:22AM +0100, enrico@debian.org wrote:

> used also for php development, and since the bug has already been
> reported (more or less in bugs 119688, 121096, 109454, 116856, 120492),
> first I tried to recompile apache and php from source, but I had no
> luck; then I wanted to just downgrade to the previous version, but I
> don't have the packages anymore and I can't find them in ftp.debian.org
> nor any mirrors I've tried.

I've been able to trace the problem to php4-recode.  Removing it from
the system solved the problem.  A bug was already filed against it
(114298 and 114826), but no mention of it was found neither in apache
nor in php4, making it impossible to find it since the symptom was not
related to the responsible package.

Should I now post additional informations to all these 5 bugs mentioning it?

Bye, Enrico

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