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Re: Help with X (after upgrade to Woody)

On Mon, Nov 26, 2001 at 11:49:47PM -0800, jennyw wrote:
> I just tried to upgrade a Potato installation to Woody. A lot of things went
> wrong (details at the end of the message) but the main problem now is that X
> doesn't work.  At one point in time while doing "apt-get dist-upgrade" the
> installer strongly suggested installing xserver-xfree86 instead of using
> older xservers (I was using mach64 previously). Then it was unable to
> continue. So I typed "apt-get install xserver-xfree86" and was able to
> continue until it said that xserver-mach64 was missing. I then typed
> "apt-get install xserver-mach64" and was then able to continue with "apt-get
> dist-upgrade".

Righty-oh. My knowledge of X is probably only slightly more rounded than
yours, but I've been through all this so I might be able to help :).
xserver-mach64 should not have been required. I mean, you can use it if
you want, but like the installer recommends, if you can use
xserver-xfree86, you should. And! Your card is supported in XFree86 4.1,
so there's not reason not to :). How did it complain about missing
xserver-mach64? Was it because there were packages that were to be
installed depended on it? What were they?

Anyway, the first thing you should do is try to apt-get remove (or
dpkg --purge, if you're feeling vindictive and don't mind handling
getting rid of its dependants manually :) xserver-mach64, 'cause you
don't need it and its presence only complicates things. Once you've done
that, try dpkg-reconfigure'ing xserver-xfree86. And once you've done
that, try to get X running again and report what happens :).

> When it set xserver-xfree86 it asked for a module. I chose ati since that
> seemed the most logical to me of the choices offered (there was no option
> for mach64). The install of X continued smoothly. Unfortunately, now X won't
> load. And I'm not sure how to change the default xserver ... what config
> file is this in?

Er, I'm not sure there is a config file to change the default xserver
(I'm waiting to get shouted down for saying something so wrong, though :);
programs like startx just launch /etc/X11/X, which is a symlink to your
X server of choice (so, in your case, you'd want it to be
/usr/bin/X11/xserver-xfree86 or somesuch). For version 4+ X servers,
I think you list your card somewhere in XF86Config-4 so it knows which
module to load, but that should get sorted out by apt when you install
xserver-xfree86. Hopefully. Maybe.

Also: when you say "X won't load", what do you mean? Does it go straight
to console when you boot up? What happens when you try "startx" or
something similar? What's in .xsession-errors?

> P.S. The whole story with the upgrade to Woody goes like this ...

<story snipped>

This is a familiar tale, and I'm sure not only to myself :).

Hope some of this helps. Keep on truckin', you'll get everything sorted
eventually :).


Andrew Sione Taumoefolau

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