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Help with X (after upgrade to Woody)

I just tried to upgrade a Potato installation to Woody. A lot of things went
wrong (details at the end of the message) but the main problem now is that X
doesn't work.  At one point in time while doing "apt-get dist-upgrade" the
installer strongly suggested installing xserver-xfree86 instead of using
older xservers (I was using mach64 previously). Then it was unable to
continue. So I typed "apt-get install xserver-xfree86" and was able to
continue until it said that xserver-mach64 was missing. I then typed
"apt-get install xserver-mach64" and was then able to continue with "apt-get

When it set xserver-xfree86 it asked for a module. I chose ati since that
seemed the most logical to me of the choices offered (there was no option
for mach64). The install of X continued smoothly. Unfortunately, now X won't
load. And I'm not sure how to change the default xserver ... what config
file is this in?

I'm kind of lost when it comes to X normally, and now I'm even more lost
since things have changed a bit ...



P.S. The whole story with the upgrade to Woody goes like this ...

I changed sources.list to point to testing instead of stable. I then did
apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade. This took about 10 hours to
download stuff (not sure why it was so slow) and towards the end it timed
out on some packages. But it continued with install after it finished
downloading. It didn't finish, of course, because stuff was missing. It
suggested running "apt-get dist-upgrade --fix-missing" which I did. This
ended up being a dead-end so I did an "apt-get -f install" and this then
allowed me to do the dist-upgrade again.  Then I had to run apt-get -f
install again then was able to do dist-upgrade again. At which point we end
up with the above.

I also noticed that stuff that was on my system before -- man, less,
samba -- were no longer on the system.  I don't know if the installation is
messed up or not; after installing the packages that I noticed were missing
things are behaving normally except for X.

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