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Re: Dial up internet with dual connection?

> By "dual connection" I meant dual simultaneous connections.  E.g.:
> dialing up from my laptop while my desktop is already connected to my
> ISP.  Rather than blocking this action, Earthlink charges $1/hr for the
> simultaneous connection.

I see.  I remember seeing some 56kx2 modem (by diamond) for windows and
ISP service to use them as a bundle to get ISDN like speed.  I remember
seeing Netcomm being one of the supporting ISP.  I thought you found a
way for Linix to bundle 2 dial-up connections.  Oh well.

> > My reminder for people using multiple ISP is to make sure to use SMTP
> > relay provided by the ISP for sending mail. Most ISPs started blocking
> > SMTP connection to outside last 12 month.  This is true for MSN, AOL,
> > Earthlink, ... etc.  This is a good policy to prevent some SPAM.
> Earthlink was allowing my mails sent from other ISPs to be relayed
> through the Earthlink SMTP server while I was travelling earlier this
> year.  

It looks like, whatever From address we use, as long as we are in their
dial-up IP range, they seem to relay any mail. Very weak SPAM retardant.

> Naturally, once you're on the wild, you may be able to transmit
> mail either directly from your system's MTA, or through the smarthost
> for the network you're currently active on.

Yes if you use ssh to get outside of Earthlink dial-up network.  I do
this with my home system on ATT@HOME cable and Earthlink.

But Earthlink has some packet filter on their network to prevent dial-up
hosts to transmit mails directly to outside through SMTP.  POP3 ports are 
open.  This is very standard process for any dial-up SMTP conection
these days.  (It was not like this about year ago.)

> My usual practice is to keep a system online and ssh into it for mail.

Yes for Linux.  But I sometimes need evil OS software.  

> Agreed.  There's also an 800 number locator service that can be used
> within the US, and possibly Canada / Mexico.

Also you can call California using ATT calling card using expense
account if it is for work.  It is noisy and slow but works with minimum
hussle.  Time is money :-)

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