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Re: mailsync - is it working for somebody?

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> > Problem is that this will create exact copy of my mbox in from work at
> > notebook, if I will change something on notebook and start this again I
> > will lost everything (I'm mostly thinking about 'not new=readed' flag in
> > mailing list archives. Same in other direction if somebody (actualy
> > something = procmail) will change mbox on my workstation and I will lost
> > all new emails :( This can't work.
> Yeah, good point.  If you switch to a "one-file-per-mail" format like
> maildir, then you shouldn't lose anything.

Well ... this will require some changes in local delivery (I'm using
postfix and procmail). At all places (work,notebook) I will have to
use IMAP for accessing folders (not sure but I think that pine can't
access anything else thant unix mbox). That is lots of work, but less
than writing such tool myself.

Big question is how maildir store email status? If it is stored in
separate file it should work, but if it is in same file as header and body
... still lots of questions :)

> > Another problems is mailbox locking ... I'm using rsync sometimes as
> > faster scp on huge files but here it can't help me :(
> I'm not sure what you mean, but maildir should take care of locking
> problems.

This mailing list is stored in mail/konference/d-user-2001 when I will
download this flat file over rsync to my notebook and new email arives
rsync will proably fail or go to infinite loop ... that was my point.

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