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Unidentified subject!

Hello All:

At work my company is switching to a Novell 5 network and
the network Jocks said that I can no longer use a local IP 
address.  They said I need to be able to get a novell login\
prompt on my screen.

Not a lot of information to go on....
Does anyone know or have experience getting linux boxxes to
connect to a novell server???

I would only really need to have internet access; I have no
need for any of their file services.  I used to use 10.10.X.X 
number and they said that to secure internet access from
the company site under novell 5 IP is no longer used.  IP addressing is
done at the border manager.  Again not alot of useful information.

Thanks for any help 

Brian R. Furry						fbrian@nac.net
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