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RE: Novell NDS certification for Internet access

Yes, you can log in to NDS through linux without any extra stuff, it is
just bare bones functionality, but it should be enough to let you
through the firewall.
The debian package is ncpfs

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> Sent:	Wednesday, November 21, 2001 1:49 AM
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> Subject:	Novell NDS certification for Internet access
> Hello,
> I have a Debian box that sits behind several firewalls and
> other layers of protection, the same as all our workstations
> here.
> The firewall lets people trough at a certain port. I'm told,
> by those more knowledgeable in these matters, that it lets
> people trough only if thet are logged in and can be certified
> as having Internet access against Novell's NDS
> (yes, this is a Novell network).
> Of course, no one can figure out how to let our Debian
> machine trough without explicitly excempting it's IP
> from the restrictions of the firewall. Needless to say,
> that prefer not to do that.
> My questions shows clearly that networks, and Novell
> in particular, isn't my strong side, so please forgive my
> ignorance if these sound stupid:
> Is there something like a Novell Client available for Debian, 
> or Linux at all, except for the one from Caldera which you
> have to pay for?
> If not, is there some other way we could let the NDS know
> who we are without actually logging on to a server? 
> - IT
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