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Re: Which mail user agent do you use?

Craig Dickson <crdic@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Now I use mutt, which allows me to use my own text editor (emacs),
> supports multiple accounts, doesn't crash, supports all the common
> mailbox formats (I prefer maildir), intelligently handles mailing lists,
> and is configurable as hell.

Amen. Once I tried Mutt, I really couldn't switch for anything
else - Mutt seems to cover *all* the aspects I expect from MUA;
and you mentioned most of them, already. :-) Although, if one
wants to configure Mutt to behave just the way he/she likes, it
requires work and manual reading...  but - what wouldn't you do
to have a brilliant MUA behaving exactly the way you want it to?-)

Sorry for this praiseful post...

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