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Re: OT: How long has your Linux system been up ?

"Paul McHale" <pmchale@doubleesolutions.com> writes:

> Just curious how long people have left their system running without reboot.
> I once left my server at a co-locate for over 3 months and it ran fine.  In
> three years, I have never had to reboot because of crash.
> I have rebooted about once every 3 to 4 months (guessing average) after
> maintenance.  This was voluntary, not necessary.  I don't run X either
> (dedicated server mail/ftp/web).  Anyone have any really long times for X
> and non-X systems?

Longest time for an X system (this desktop at work) was almost 200 days
(I forget exactly how many. I think 180something). I forget why I
rebooted... either kernel upgrade or X crash, the latter of which hasn't
happened yet with X4.x.
My machine at home reboots every month or so when the power goes
out... haven't bought a UPS for home yet :-(

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