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Re: Progeny -> woody?

On Mon, Nov 12, 2001 at 06:29:47AM -0500, Stan Brown (stanb@awod.com) said something like:

> >that didn't happen to me....ummmm. yeah the default  may not look as 
> >nice but in a few minutes I had changed the background, font, and image
> >file so it actually looks better than the old Progeny one.
> How did you do this?
> Got an example config to share?

It's nothing special...I just used the "Configure" option
under "System" on GDM and changed the font, changed the 
greeting and changed the graphic to something simple I whipped up
with Gimp. Just things that were more plesant to my eye.

> >My only tip would be to make sure you know which modules your kernel
> >is using and don't try using modconf at 3 AM after a long day :)
> What's the difference here. Does Progeny somehow "automagicly" know what
> modules to use, and Woody doesn't? Is this feature coming to the base
> Debian system? If so, when?

IIRC...and I don't have the Progeny upgrade page in front of me...I
believe at the end it told you to run modconf and then reboot. Some of
the modules that were loaded under Progeny may  need to be added with
modconf. Unfortunately I did it when I was very tired and missed
loading the sg and scsi-ide module and loaded the wrong mod for my soundcard 
(there were two that had almost identical names) These were very minor
things...sound I fixed the next morning and it wasn't until a week
later I noticed I couldn't write to my CDRW...(don't use the cd drives
very often I guess)

As to the difference, if there is one, I really have no idea...
The system rebooted fine and has run well. There will be differences
depending on what programs you use. I did have to change a few lines
in my .slrnrc file because of a change in some of the options in the
newer version.

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Harold Bibik                     hwbj@borg.com

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