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Quick question

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a copy of the "old(...ie 4 weeks +)"Citrix
tarball avaliable.  I need this tarball, not the new one on thier website.  I
am trying to install citrix on my FreeBSD system, and I need the linux Citrix
tarball (it runs citrix under linux emulation).  I have searched Google,
Freshmeat, asked in IRC, the FreeBSD mailing lists, tried to install the
german version of citrix, emailed the port maintainer, and emailed the citrix
people.   All this has either gotten me nothing, or they point me to the new
version of this tarball, and it's not what i need.    The file is called
linuxx86.tar.gz   Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I have always
had good success with this list when I need it for my debian help (half my
computers are debian).

When replying can you please CC: me, I am no longer on this mailing list.


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