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Re: Apt-get install removes?

Iiro A K Jantunen wrote:

>I tried to install (upgrade) perl on my Debian Potato. What happened,
>was shocking to me.
>What was the problem? Why did install start such removing mayhem?
>I have used both potato and woody as sources for different packages. I had
>just commented woody out from /etc/apt/sources.list and apt-get updated.

Are the packages installed in your system dependent on perl or perl5?
AFAIK, the ones the system wants to deinstall are all dependent on
perl5. if i'm right, perl is older than perl5 (woody has 5.6, i

It's basically not a good idea to mix potato and woody .debs. Some
woody packages will break your potato box. If you really want to
use the new packages, I'd suggest you to upgrade to woody (apt-get
dist-upgrade) to update everything. Else, search the net for back-
ported packages for potato (this is what I did to get gcc-2.95.3 and
gcc-3.0.1 working in potato). 

Paolo Alexis Falcone


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