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Installing X and GNOME Step-by-Step Directions Please

I have had trouble in the past getting debian configured with X and Gnome. I am wanting to install debian so that it starts to X using gdm and GNOME with sawfish as the window manager.  I have read through both the O'Reilly's Learning Debian GNU/Linux and the Debian GNU/Linux Bible and have yet to find clear step by step instructions for doing this. 

Box specs are : 

AMD K6-II 500mHz
ATI RAGE IIC 4mb PCI Video Card
NEC Accusync 90 monitor
ES1371 chipset soundcard
Intel EtherExpress Pro 10/100 NIC

Would like if possible step-by-step configuration instructions or well commented examples of proper configuration files.  Would like to run monitor at
1600x1200x65536colorsx75hz refresh and use scroll wheel.  Please help if possible

Thank you


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