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Re: 2 partitions - same dir?

Rory OConnor said:
> I've got a drive that's completely full of files, mounted at
> /home/dir.   I added a second drive so I could continue storing
> files of the same  type, and mounted it at /home/dir2.
> Is there a way to make it so that it appears these files are all in
> one  dir?  I don't think it's possible to mount two partitions at
> the same  point...but perhaps with dynamic links?

look into raid0. its not hard to setup. although its been about
6 months since i have ..

if one drive dies though its likely you will lose data on both

drives(e.g. everything) so use with care.. i've had 14 drives fail
on me in the past 6 months( #$(@#$@ IBM) so im lookin into doing
a 4 x100gb raid10 array for my data at home..


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