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Re: GNOME starting up with twm ?!

Thus spake Jeffrey W. Baker:
> Ah, I just added a new user to my machine and when that user first started
> GNOME, the window manager was (drum roll please) ... twm?  Yes indeed, our
> old friend twm.  So I went to the GNOME control panel, and twm was the
> only choice for window manager.  I had to manually add sawfish to the
> list, restart GNOME, manually jerk around with the session management of
> sawfish, and restart GNOME again.
> Obviously, I would like this to go a little more smoothly next time I add
> another user :)  So, there are several issues:
> 1) Why isn't sawfish listed by default in the GNOME window managers
> control panel?
> 2) Why is twm started by default?  Is there are ordering issue when
> installing WMs?  Must I install sawfish first or last?
> 3) Why isn't the session management automatically setup correctly for the
> WM?  My new user became quite confused when GNOME started up sans WM with
> the Nautilus background window above everything else.
> BTW This is unstable distribution on powerpc.  Another weird thing is
> GNOME on PPC has a different (older) startup splash screen than GNOME on
> x86.
> -jwb
You can try update-alternatives --config x-window-manager
man update-alternatives for details.
Good luck,

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