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GNOME starting up with twm ?!

Ah, I just added a new user to my machine and when that user first started
GNOME, the window manager was (drum roll please) ... twm?  Yes indeed, our
old friend twm.  So I went to the GNOME control panel, and twm was the
only choice for window manager.  I had to manually add sawfish to the
list, restart GNOME, manually jerk around with the session management of
sawfish, and restart GNOME again.

Obviously, I would like this to go a little more smoothly next time I add
another user :)  So, there are several issues:

1) Why isn't sawfish listed by default in the GNOME window managers
control panel?

2) Why is twm started by default?  Is there are ordering issue when
installing WMs?  Must I install sawfish first or last?

3) Why isn't the session management automatically setup correctly for the
WM?  My new user became quite confused when GNOME started up sans WM with
the Nautilus background window above everything else.

BTW This is unstable distribution on powerpc.  Another weird thing is
GNOME on PPC has a different (older) startup splash screen than GNOME on


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