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Re: Newbie comments & queries

On Sun, Nov 04, 2001 at 10:24:13AM +0200, Ian Balchin wrote:
| dman et al
| .za stands for Zuid Afrika which is from the Dutch who founded the
| colony at the Cape Of Good Hope.

Oh, ok.

| Last night I went through the info documentation system which i
| thought would be a good start.  Then read and played with the ls
| command.  I uncommented the lines in the .bashrc in root to give me
| colours for ls. I must also do that for my normal login shell.  In
| directories where there are lots of files they whizz off the top of
| the screen but piping thru less or more strips off the color. If 
| you add in a --color switch then more is OK, but less gives out
| hidden codes.  

As Karsten said, use the '--color=auto' option so that no terminal
escape codes are output when using a pipe or file redirection.

Also the console has some nice keyboard shortcuts :  Shift-PgUp and
Shift-PgDown scroll back and forth a little.

| Have gots lots of paper, and printer ribbons.  Found a whole box of
| ribbons for my printer free (what a luck) which the clothing chain
| store just down the road dumped when they bought a new printer.  

Cool.  Those line printers are very cheap to print on and the ribbons
last a long time.

| So have  printed out a couple of HOWTO files - the Config-HOWTO and
| the Printing-Usage-HOWTO.  Some good bedtime reading there.

Yep :-).  The printing HOWTO is a bit dated though -- it doesn't
mention CUPS at all, which I think is the best spooling system (and is
the one I use).

| I print these out via the lpr command, having done gzip -d to undo
| them.  I see the .gz file is not there anymore, so did a gzip to zip
| up the .txt file again after printing. Lots of work but zcat
| redirected to /dev/lp0 does nothing, either from root or my normal
| login

By default gzip uncompresses the file and removes the .gz to indicate
that.  Unlike windows the extension has no real meaning, but only
serves to assist you in identifying them.  There are some programs
that use extensions to mean something, though (ex gcc, java, python).


    gunzip -stdout <file> | lpr
    zcat <file> | lpr

will do what you want.

Suppose you wanted to print all the files named *.txt.gz in the
current directory :

    for FILE in `ls *.txt.gz` ; do zcat $FILE | lpr ; done

(this is explained in the bash manpage, but it is very long and

| Several of you have been positively eulogic about emacs so have been having a 
| look at the beginners guide.

heh.  I used emacs for a while.  It was too complicated for me :-).
Do you know what it stands for?  Eighteen Megs and Constanly Swapping
<wink>.  (maybe not really, but it is quite heavyweight)


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