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Squid in a school - problems with https

I am posting this message to both the Debian User and Leicester LUG lists,
in the hope that someone can help.

A while ago in the school where I am ICT Coordinator I set up a Linux
machine running Squid in order to help make our paultry 128K Internet
connection work better when 60 machines are using it. At the time, members
of the Leicester LUG helped greatly with setting it up. Unfortunately I
had to abandon the project because of a couple of bugs with our RM Connect
2.4 network. Now I am in a position to set it up again.

I have installed Debian on a decent spec machine and installed squid 2.4.
All our Windows 98  workstations are able to access web pages through the
squid proxy. The problem we are having is that secure web pages cannot be
accessed. Any https page is rejected. Our machines use Internet Explorer
5. I have setup IE5 to use the proxy for all protocols.

Trawlling through the news archives it is obviously a lot of people are
having problems accessing secure web sites using squid. If there is no
easy solution, would moving to an older version of squid help? We are not
bothered about features, we just need a way of maximising our Internet

Many thanks indeed for your help. 

Phillip Deackes
Using Debian Linux

/ \ 

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