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Re: two+ kernel compilation questions

I think that the patch is in 2.2.20
Ben Hartshorne wrote:

  I have two questions for you regarding debian and kernels.

What's the deal with the X.X.XXpreXX kernels as opposed to the X.X.XX
kernels?  Which one is more recent?  How would I figure that out? (I'm
looking at 2.2.19 and 2.2.19pre17)

Do either of these kernels contain the patch against the local root
exploit mentioned on slashdot on october 19
(http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=01/10/19/141229&mode=thread)?  How
would I find out?  Where should I get the patch?  What is the debian way
to apply such a patch (patch < my_patch.diff?)?



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