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Re: burning CD Images?

On Fri, Nov 02, 2001 at 05:58:53PM -0500, Arden Spiller wrote:
> I downloaded
> ftp://debian.uchicago.edu/debian-cd/stable/official/2.2_rev3/i386/binary-i386-1.iso
> then downloaded md5sum.exe (from elsewhere) and checked the MD5 sum.  It 
> matches.

As you probably guessed, this means the iso-image is fine.
> I looked up several sets of instructions on how to burn a IS09660 image 
> using Nero.  I burned it as Data Mode 1, NOT raw data, 2048 bytes block 
> size, 0 image header and trailer, NOT scrambled, NOT swapped.  I've tried 

According to Debian's cd-burning faq, this should work.

> Finalized, not Finalized, Disc-At-Once, not DAO, etc.  I don't seem to have 
> any luck.

Use finalize, Disc-at-once.

> Each time I burn the CD I get the same thing.  When I check the MD5 sum using:
> md5sum --check md5sum.txt

You do this from a windows system?  As far as I know, Windows is
incapable of follwing links.  Links are special unix files that point
to other files.  Just to be sure, let me check...off to kidsmachine...
yep this working potato installation disk has a debian file in the
root directory which is actually a link, but windows says it's a zero
length file, and doesn't use it as a link.

> I've never had any unexplainable trouble with Nero or my CD-burner, 
> although I've never tried burning an ISO9660 image before, either...  I'm 
> starting to wonder if perhaps the CD is actually fine, and if those files 
> would be readable under Linux...but I'd rather not risk destroying my 
> computer if some of the files ARE corrupt.

They should be readable under Linux.  And no, I haven't heard of a
computer getting distroyed because the installation disc was corrupt
in some weird way.  So go ahead, and if the discs are corrupt afterall
be assured that the installation programs will bark rather then go off
and destroy the only thing they can live on.

groetjes, carel

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