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RE:emacs20 requires xlibs and xfree86-common?

Kurt Lieber writes:
 > Does anyone know what the correlation is between text-based emacs
 > and x?  (this is the emacs20 package from woody -- NOT xemacs21) Is
 > this something I can safely override (probably not) or work around
 > and still use the debian package system?

You can grab the emacs source, and compile it yourself.  If you don't
have the various libs, configure should notice and not use fancy
scrollbars, for instance.  Just install it in /usr/local (or use stow
and install it in /usr/local/stow/emacs-20.x and stow it).

You could also try to see if you can grab the debian source package
and use that to build a .deb to install.  It might do something
similar to the above.


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