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Re: [debian-user] install with 3 partitions

On Fri, Nov 02, 2001 at 01:13:24PM -0800, lloyder@canada.com wrote:
| I guess my question degenerates to, 
| "Is there an 'out of box' way to install debian potato where you isolate 
| /, /boot, /etc, /bin, /sbin, /lib, /dev 
| on a partition without partitioning up every thing else?  

Yes, but you have to use symlinks as someone else suggested.
| Possibly putting /tmp in its own partition as well, but then you might as 

Sure, but if you use kernel 2.4 and have memory available you could
use a ramdisk for /tmp.  Then you wouldn't need any disk partition at

| well isolation /proc for the same reasons too, no?

No, /proc doesn't exist.  It is a figment of your imagination :-).
More precisely, /proc is a virtual filesystem.  When you try and
access it the kernel generates the data, on-demand.


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