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Stops at Lilo prompt


i have just installed debian onto a "fresh" computer (no system on computer 
before installaition) using the "leaning debian linux" cd. after much 
handwringing and filling in the blanks, the installation completed 
successful. we rebooted and the lilo prompt came up -- and nothing happens!


insert boot floppy made during installation. boot. all is well.

check lilo.conf. looks good. run lilo. reboot. same thing.

reboot from floppy and re-install kernel image from cd. run lilo. reboot. 
same thing.

reboot from floppy. scratch head! now what???

the disk setup is

/dev/sda1	/	2000M
/dev/sda5	/tmp	100M
/dev/sda6	/usr	3500M
/dev/sda7	/var	1000M
/dev/sda8	/home	500M
/dev/sda9	/usr/src	1000M
/dev/sda10	swap	512M
/dev/sda11	/opt	1058M

the next move is to update the kernel, etc, using dselect.

any ideas why the drive is *not* booting on its own????
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