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Re: Stops at Lilo prompt

On Friday 02 November 2001 16:17, allen wayne best just ramblin in his amx 
> hello:
> i have just installed debian onto a "fresh" computer (no system on computer
> before installaition) using the "leaning debian linux" cd. after much
> handwringing and filling in the blanks, the installation completed
> successful. we rebooted and the lilo prompt came up -- and nothing happens!
> rats!
> insert boot floppy made during installation. boot. all is well.
> check lilo.conf. looks good. run lilo. reboot. same thing.

Maybe you could post a copy of your lilo.conf. Where is the specified boot 
location? I remember someone else who had a problem when the location was 
/dev/sda1 ... changing it to simply /dev/sda worked for him.

> reboot from floppy and re-install kernel image from cd. run lilo. reboot.
> same thing.
> reboot from floppy. scratch head! now what???

But it does  succesfully boot from a floppy? If so then in my mind that 
reinforces what I wrote above.

> the disk setup is
> /dev/sda1	/	2000M
> /dev/sda5	/tmp	100M
> /dev/sda6	/usr	3500M
> /dev/sda7	/var	1000M
> /dev/sda8	/home	500M
> /dev/sda9	/usr/src	1000M
> /dev/sda10	swap	512M
> /dev/sda11	/opt	1058M
> the next move is to update the kernel, etc, using dselect.
> any ideas why the drive is *not* booting on its own????

Another possibility is that /dev/sda1 is crossing that nebulous concept of 
the 1024th cylinder which I don't quite fully understand...

David P. James
Third Year Economics
Queen's University,
Kingston, Ontario

The bureaucratic mentality is the only constant in the universe.
-Dr. Leonard McCoy, Star Trek IV

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