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Re: [debian-user] I'm coming on board

On Friday 02 November 2001 09:28 am, lloyder@canada.com wrote:
>I am attempting to get into Linux/Debian in a big way.  I have decided 
>that M$ WinXP is the last straw for my personal computing.

Yep -- me too.  Exact same reason.

> (a) It seems that much of www.debian.org is not responding, so I have
> been using one of the [nation].debian.org sites.
> But these do not seem to have access to the bugs.

I'm having trouble connecting as well.  Must be a temporary problem as 
www.debian.org is usually very realiable.

> (b) I cannot seem to find the FAQ for the various mailing lists, to make
> sure my questions have not been asked 1K times.  Where are they located? 
> The archive and search both seem fairly good.

Try lists.debian.org.  There are searchable archives there, good for checking 
to see if your question has been asked 1K times. :)

> (c) I am looking for the debian newbie or new user mailing list.  Does one
> not exist?

Not that I'm aware of -- I remember some discussion on this topic a while 
back, though I don't remember the context.  You might check the list archives.

> (e) Anyway to automatically have the subject line identify the mailing
> list.  A few of my other mailing lists have that, example
> Subject: [debian-user]: a big problem !!!
> Subject: Re: [debian-user]: a big problem !!!
> Subject: Re:[debian-user]: a big problem !!!
> ** ick, I dislike when mail clients don't include the space after Re:

Not sure what you're asking for here.  This list (debian-user) already 
identifies itself in the subject line as you can see above.  You just have to 
create a filter in your MUA based on [debian-user].  You can also filter on 
the list address, debian-user@lists.debian.org.

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