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Re: changing to Debian from Mandrake

%% hallstevenson@pop.mindspring.com writes:

  >> upgrade
  >> upgrade is used to install the newest  versions  of
  >> all packages currently installed on the system from
  >> the sources  enumerated  in  /etc/apt/sources.list.
  >> Packages  currently  installed  with  new  versions
  >> available are retrieved and upgraded; under no cir-
  >> cumstances   are   currently   installed   packages
  >> removed,  or   packages   not   already   installed
  >> retrieved  and installed. New versions of currently
  >> installed packages that cannot be upgraded  without
  >> changing the install status of another package will
  >> be left at their current version.

  h> If 'upgrade' doesn't do this, you will end up with a non-working
  h> program. Don't you agree ??

No... re-read the description.

If the package can't be upgraded without adding new packages (or
removing existing packages), then it won't be upgraded.

Thus, everything will still be consistent after the upgrade.  But, you
might not have all the latest available versions of all the packages.

If you explicitly ask for a package to be installed (or upgraded), using
"apt-get install", then it _will_ add/remove packages if it needs to do
so in order to get that package installed.  If any packages need to be
added or removed, apt-get will tell you and ask you if you want to
proceed or not.

Also, if you use "apt-get dist-upgrade", then it will attempt to change
your package set to as close to the latest packages as it can, and that
may well include adding new packages or removing older ones.  Again,
apt-get will notify you and ask for confirmation.


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