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Re: video configuration issues

On Sun, 28 Oct 2001 14:54:45 -0500, you wrote:

>On Sun, Oct 28, 2001 at 07:59:29PM +0000, Harry Palmer wrote:
>| I've just started with debian on my panasonic laptop after using
>| slackware for a long while, and would appreciate clarification of a
>| couple of things...
>| lilo.conf has the entry "vga=normal" and yet a some point in the boot
>| process I get a graphical (framebuffer?) display of 640x480 in the
>| top-left corner of the 800x600 monitor. Where can I:
>| 	a) set it to 800x600x(a decent colour depth)
>| or better still,
>| 	b) disable this nonsense and have a nice textual screen with
>| an appropriate "vga=" entry in lilo.conf to give me better than 80x25
>| characters? (slackware calls it "standard mode" ie non-framebuffer, I
>| think).
>That's kinda odd, I've never seen a default install use the fb before.
>If you install the kernel-doc package, look in
>That file lists a table of the various fb modes that can be specified
>in the vga= argument.  There is an svga document somewhere in the
>package that gives a table of the VGA text modes.

Thanks, that sounds exactly what I'm looking for, I'll have a look.

The installation, incidentally, was done using just the three
"compact" floppies (compact-pre17 kernel). Could this be related to
the fb issue? 

What does "pre17" mean anyway?
Is there a quick and easy method for getting a color ls command?

(Sorry for sneeaking a couple of extras in here  ;o)

Thanks again.


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