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Re: Propossed Project: Odyssey

Alex de Landgraaf <alextreme@xs4all.nl> writes:

> Note: this may be a bit long, but i hope you will read it and give
> feedback about your opinon on the subject(s) discussed. And sorry for
> crossposting, just wanting everones 2cents. forgive me :)
> Fellow Debian-users/developers!


> Therefore, I propose a new project: Project Odyssey. 
> To take the long road from where we (the geeks) now are to create a true
> alternative for the user. For long the road it will be, it may never be
> accomplished. But with everything coming together as stated above, and
> no viable alternative, I thought it must be better to act than to hold
> still.
> The goal of this propossed project:


> Not as a system just used at school or work, but that is easy enough to
> use at home. No, not easy enough. easier! For every user!

Easy usually means not flexible enough.  I think that what is needed is more documentation that is on an appropriate level, easy to find.

I say (as many others) that it should be easy to USE with LITTLE
TRAINING (as with MS Windows).

To administrate it should be easy with AUTOMATIC INSTALLATION and SETUP
after SOME TRAINING (as with Debian).

You should probably use FAI (and/or cfengine) to set up lots of
machines easily.  
What's needed though, is better documentation (with example
installations) on setting up Debian and FAI for this.
> I know that this will take an huge effort, if we accept this project. It
> will have all sorts of problems that i couldn't even dream of. But NOW
> it is possible...

I have installed Debian (with GNOME) for two of my friends, and they
haven't even used MS Windows before.  They can't administrate them.
But on the other hand, they can't make a mess out of the machines
either.  I'll just visit them at least every one-two months, and get a
good meal for that.

I get a meal for free, and they get an stable OS.  It's a win-win


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