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Re: Some routing advice (connecting through SSH)


I need a bit more info. to start thinking about your question.

How do you connect from H to R?  Through the Internet?  If so, does your
Internet connection (that you use to connect H to the Internet) have a
static IP address or a dynamic one?  Is is "permanent" (DSL, Frame Relay,
ATM etc.) or dialup (PSTN, ISDN etc.)?

Another point:  It seems to me as if you'll be trying to use a
server hosted at an ISP as a masquerading gateway for your home LAN.  You
may well be able to do it, and the ISP may well not catch you at it,
for a while anyway, but if the ISP sees this as violating the service
agreement they have with whoever they're hosting the server for (you?) and
they do find out, you are in for trouble.  The traffic won't be difficult
to spot; servers are expected to be serving out a lot of stuff, not to
have a lot of incoming traffic.

Best regards,

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On 25 Oct 2001, Adam Warner wrote:

> Hi all,
> I just need to understand where I should look and how I should approach
> this challenge.
> I want to route some traffic though a remote computer (R) to my home
> computer (H). In particular I want to have the ability to surf the Web
> as if I was sitting at computer R. Right now I can already do that using
> the text browser Lynx after connecting via SSH.
> R is a somewhat puny 133MHz Pentium with 72MB of RAM and ~100MB of free
> disk space. It is running Debian GNU/Linux with a 2.4.13 kernel (that
> took a rather long time to compile). X is not installed (the display
> card is also not compatible, but I imagine that wouldn't matter with a
> remote connection).
> I can SSH from H to R. All other ports to R are blocked. So to connect
> to another port on R, R itself would have to open the connection to H.
> Instead of using X or VNC I would like to somehow use IP Masquerading
> for just some chosen traffic (it would be the most efficient solution).
> However I can't see how it would work yet.
> So thanks for any preliminary help.
> Regards,
> Adam
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