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aRE: Frequent lock-ups

Hi Nate,

	I'm not suspecting the driver for now. I'm using a Matrox Millenium
G200 ...
	Not go near kernel 2.4 ... What do you mean ? i've used my card in
every recent linux install without prior problems ...



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[]From: nate [mailto:debian-user@aphroland.org]
[]Sent: Monday, October 22, 2001 8:49 AM
[]To: Lambrecht, Joris
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[]Subject: Re: Frequent lock-ups
[]Lambrecht, Joris said:
[]> [ i'm not on the list so please reply to all ]
[]> Hi,
[]> no longer responding but not allways. This only happens when
[]> running X (4.0.1)
[]what video chipset? i highly reccomend Matrox G400 series for
[]the most stable system. i also use voodoo3 3000-3500 series,
[]they make for very stable systems using xfree 3.3.6 haven't
[]tried them under xfree 4.
[]chances are good that the driver for the chipset you have is
[]buggy. my desktop at work gets extensive use day in and day
[]out, with a matrox g400, been solid running for 160 days.
[]recently upgraded to debian woody and xfree 4.1.
[]i use nvidia geforce mx200 for games, it seems to be stable
[]another thing could be kernel as well. i won't go near kernel
[]2.4. if your trying to do agp and stuff with 2.4 that may
[]cause problems too.
[]good luck ....and check xfree86's website for any known
[]issues with your video chip.

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