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Re: X server setup error

On Thu, Oct 18, 2001 at 12:21:36PM -0400, Greg Lopp wrote:
| The following is what I see when I try to start X on my testing
| system.  This system has a trident 3Dimage975.  This worked fine
| under 3.3.6, wasn't supported by 4.0.3 and is still giving me
| trouble since support was added in 4.1.0
| (http://xfree86.org/4.1.0/Status33.html#33)
| @@@@@@
| X server setup error
| This Xserver does not support the Shape extension.
| This is required for Enlightenment to run.
| Your Xserver probably is too old or mis-configured.
| Exiting.
| @@@@@@
| Is there anything that I can do, other than go back to 3.3.6?

Switch to sawfish?  Personally I like sawfish better.

As far as the X error itself, I have no idea.  Perhaps using the
framebuffer, instead of the X server accessing hardware directly,
would improve the situation.


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