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Re: vim 6.0 packages


I recently upgraded to Vim 6.0 on a mostly-testing system, and seem to have lost the ability to access Vim help. I caught part of a Vim 6.0 thread on here some weeks ago, but don't recall whether this was addressed.

When I try to access Help I get the following:

"help.txt.gz" [readonly][noeol] 8L, 3051C
Error detected while processing BufRead Auto commands for "*.gz":
E21: Cannot make changes, 'modifiable' is off
E434: Cannot find tag pattern
Hit Enter or type command to continue

When I hit Enter, vim opens help.txt.gz, but not so it can be read by a human - it's a screen fulla junk.

Is there an easy way to get this back? Although there's a good list of outstanding bugs for the vim package, I couldn't find this on it & am convinced I'm just being dunderheaded here.

Thanks for any pointer(s).

Glenn Becker 

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