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Re: ext3 patch for kernel 2.4.12

#include <hallo.h>
Rajesh Fowkar wrote on Sun Oct 14, 2001 um 10:37:14PM:

> There is no patch for 2.4.12 for ext3 on the main site. 


> Is ext3 included in linus's kernel in 2.4.12 ?

No. If I get the point of ext3-discussion correctly, Linus'
modifications in the kernel break to much stuff in ext3 each time, since
2.4.9 or so. OTOH the Linus-releases are not frequent enough to make
reasonable testing of ext3. So use -ac kernels if you wish to have the
latest ext3 versions, or wait some days (weeks) until the ext3
developers ported ext3 from AC to Linus' tree and tested it.

> Please cc your replies to me. I am not on the list.

Why tf don't you look in ext3 archives before asking around?

Der Nachteil an Linux ist, dass man sich irgendwann nicht mehr an den
Installationsvorgang erinnern kann.

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