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Re: bzip2 brings ppp to its knees?

Martin Rowe wrote:
> On Saturday 13 October 2001 11:13 pm, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:
> > On Sun, 14 Oct 2001, csj wrote:
> > > Anybody else had a similar experience? I can compile without my
> > > meager 56K connection stalling. But with a running bzip2 process ppp
> > > traffic becomes so abysmal I even get disconnected.
> >
> > You have a proper modem, or one of those 'software modems' aka
> > win/linmodem POS?
> I get similar problems when burning CDs, though I've had it happen with
> other processes (can't remember if it was bzip2, though). If the
> connection is already up, it becomes unusable (though usually stays up),
> if not, then it won't establish the link (stalls on negotiation, drops
> off, tries again...) until the burning process finishes. I've a hardware
> modem (3Com/USR 56K external) and have had this problem all the time I've
> been using Linux. In the meantime, the hardware, distro and most recently
> the burner have all been upgraded. One of my reasons for getting a faster
> burner (12x10x32 from a 2x2x6) was to have less on-line curfew. I've
> asked this question before on other forums, but no answer yet. Maybe
> it'll improve when I get cable later this year :)

  try nice when using the bzip2 (or whichever program causes problem)


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