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Re: Show postscript files in Landscape

I found a great answer on the ALE (Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts) mailing
list, posted in May by Joe Steele.  Gotta love Google!

After reading his post, I simplified his suggestions slightly into this
handy-dandy shell function:

 # Takes a PS file and generates a PDF, rotated 90 (e.g., in Landscape)
 # Usage: ps2pdfr [input.ps [output.pdf]]
 # If no input file is given, reads PostScript from stdin.
 # If no output file is given, writes PDF to stdout.

 ps2pdfr() {
   pstops -w0 -h0 '1:0R(0in,8.5in)' $1 | ps2pdf -g7920x6120 - $2;

Hope this helps someone else!

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