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Re: Groups and Users...

On Thu, Oct 11, 2001 at 10:06:56AM -0700, Kurt Lieber wrote:
> However, to answer your question more directly, it can really go anywhere you 
> want.  There's no right/wrong answer on where to put those kinds of files.  
> (There are some conventions, but nothing set in stone) /home or /usr would be 
> a perfectly valid place.

Actually, according to FHS, anything that might be modified in the
course of using (as opposed to doing maintenance on) the system
should not be placed under /usr.  This enables admins to mount /usr
as read-only (good for security) during normal operation.

Of course, if it's your system, you are completely free to ignore
this, but you should be aware that, on other peoples' systems, you
may find /usr to be unsuitable.  I'd say /home is the best place to
put a directory like that.

But CVS is probably the best way to handle the situation you

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